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What I like most about my job

I’ve Been in the HVAC industry doing A/C repair in the Greater Sacramento area now since 2008. For the majority of that time I’ve worked for myself and by myself. I’m the guy who will be answering the phone when you call and the same guy at your house to fix the A/C. I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for a few things I like most about what I do.

Resolving the Suffering

Summer times in Sacramento can be so hot and when the air conditioner stops working I've seen inside temperatures get well over 90 degrees. Some people have health conditions and for most people those temperatures are just miserable. For the majority of broken units I'm able to get the air conditioner repair completed in one visit. It’s nice being involved in an industry that reduces suffering. I like to think of myself as a doctor for air conditioners. And I want your a/c to live a long and productive life!

Working with my hands

I've always liked working with my hands. Fixing things is satisfying. Oftentimes complex machines grind to a halt when only one small problem is present. I can definitely turn my job into a game where I try and diagnose a situation as quickly as possible. Or diagnose a problem by just a sound alone. Air Conditioners in a sense are like a science project so you really do need to understand some principles of physics. And once you understand how an a/c works that transfers into other fields of understanding like how weather works.

Helping people over the phone

I actually really enjoy helping people over the phone to resolve their a/c problems. Recently I had someone call me in the LA area and he had two companies come out to perform an air conditioner repair. One company replaced the blower motor, and the other the control board. The system would stop blowing after a few minutes. Then he had a third company come out and the guy looked at the unit for a few minutes and said no charge and walked away. So I had the homeowner go up in the attic and take me a few pictures of the wiring going to the control board. One misplaced wire was causing all of the problems. Ten minutes later everything was working great. No charge glad I can help ;) If your A/C stopped working check out some basic troubleshooting tips

The people I meet

It really is interesting meeting so many different people. I love hearing about people's unique hobbies. I've heard the best WW2 stories. Met some people with some amusing jobs and saw some very cool houses. Always enjoy hearing the stories. One customer I met about ten years ago was a WW2 aerial photographer. He has stacks of photo albums of pictures of the devastation in Europe. I've met a few Japanese customers that were in the internment camps during WW2. Those people have very compelling stories and perspectives on those situations they were faced with that I never would have guessed. Since every homeowner in the area has an a/c The people I meet are a random assortment. I never know who I’m going to meet next and that keeps things interesting.

The Pets people have

Btw I think Pets are the best pets so unless the dog bites don't worry about putting him away when I'm there. I don't mind a rambunctious dog either. I do have a jack Russell after all. Some notable animals I’ve come across in the field while doing a/c repair Sacramento area are donkeys, ducks, turtles, pot belly pigs, guinea pigs, and goats. So if you have a nice dog don't keep him locked up free the beast!!

Thank you to everyone who calls me for service. I really do appreciate all of you. I know it can be enraging when the furnace or A/C stops working but stay calm. Here are some tips on what to check if the furnace stops blowing warm air.

For do it yourself A/C maintenance tips check out this link

If you have any questions or want to set up service please call (916) 671-5542


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