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Heat Pump Repair

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat Pumps are like air conditioners that run in reverse during the heating cycle. During the A/C cycle, the outside condensing unit is hot and the inside evaporator coil becomes cold. When running the Heat Pump in heat-mode a part called a reversing valve changes the flow of refrigerant so the inside coil is hot and the outside condensing unit is cold, absorbing the energy of the outside air. They are a good option in mild winter climates like we have in Northern California. 

​Pros of a Heat Pump

  • A great option for heating a home where natural gas or propane isn't available

  • No flammable gas to worry about

  • No Carbon monoxide threats because no open flame

If you are looking to have your heating and air conditioning equipment serviced, repaired, or replaced we can help. Sierra Aire is locally owned and operated servicing the greater Sacramento area. 

Cons of a Heat Pump

  • Can cost more in energy than a gas furnace

  • Heat Pumps efficiency is reduced as temperatures fall

  • When very cold there may not be enough energy in the outside air for a heat pump to heat the home effectively, requiring the use of additional electric heat strips

Heat Pump Inspection & Diagnosis

When your Heat Pump stops working follow our simple checklist to see if its something simple you can resolve yourself. 


If your Heat Pump still isn't working or if you have any questions give us a call at (916)671-5542. An expert at Sierra Aire will give your system a thorough inspection to find out what the problem is and if there is anything that can be done to improve the reliability and efficiency of your system. 

Below is a list of common symptoms as well as common repair jobs when running in air condition mode. 

Air circulating in the house, Outside condenser turning on but air is warmer than usual?


Repair refrigerant leak (often leaking from the inside evaporator coil), Clean dirty Condensing Coil

A/C blowing/ not cooling, Condensing unit not turning on?


Replace failed Capacitor, replaced failed contactor, Replace failed condenser fan motor, replace failed Compressor.

A/C Freezing up/ poor air flow?

Replace dirty air filter, open closed registers, clean dirty evaporator coil, replace failing blower motor, repair refrigerant leak and refill system. 

Thermostat not coming on?

Replacing thermostat batteries, repair hot wire going to thermostat, Locate and repair short in system.

High Utility bills?

Low on refrigerant, dirty air filter, leaking ducts, dirty condensing coil, poor insulation

​At Sierra Aire we service most major A/C brands and models. Whatever the problem is we will make sure you completely understand what the problem is and the steps to get your HVAC system up and running again. 

Heat Pump Tune-up/ Maintenance

Regular annual maintenance will ensure your heat pump is running efficiently, extend its lifespan, and reduce the chance of costly repairs on the hottest days when you really need it. Call the office at (916)671-5542 to set up service. Its best to have the Heat Pump serviced in the spring time.

Before running your air conditioner in the summer Check out our page on basic A/C maintenance you can do

Or Before running the Furnace in the winter check out our page on basic Furnace maintenance you can do 

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