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Air Conditioning Repair Services

If your air conditioner stopped working first go though this checklist before calling for A/C Repair Service. It may be something simple you can resolve. This example would be for a split system where the A/C is outside on the ground and the furnace and evaporator coil is in the house. If  you've had another company tell you that you need a new system then check out our page on getting a second opinion  


No Air Flow

- Change your HVAC air filter if dirty (If it was super dirty the coil may have froze, turn a/c off and leave the fan on for one hour or until the a/c stops dripping outside to thaw)

- Open all registers​


Outside unit not turning on

- Check the outside unit, if not turning on reset the breaker labeled  A/C. If the condensing unit turns back on then monitor it to see if you can see the fan on top spinning and if you can hear the compressor running. Call to talk to a tech as you may have an intermittent problem with the fan or compressor motor


Outside unit  fan on top turning on but air conditioner not cooling (sudden problem)

- Confirm the condensing unit  is coming on. Is this a sudden problem where the a/c was working great and now suddenly stopped cooling? Most likely problem is the compressor is failing to come on. 


Outside unit turning on but air conditioner not cooling (performance has been declining over time)

-Check to see if the outside condensing unit is coming on and there is airflow inside the house.  If you go to the outside condensing unit the thicker of the two refrigerant lines should get cold after running for about 5 minutes. Most likely problem is —  Refrigerant leak that is most likely in  the evaporator coil (the coil that gets cold when running the A/C).


Nothings Happening / Thermostat is blank

- Change the thermostat batteries. If the air conditioner starts working Great! 

- Reset breaker labeled furnace on main electrical panel. 

Water leaking from air conditioning unit or from secondary drain?

- The air conditioner's primary drain is (usually about 6 inches off the ground next to the A/C) Connect a wet/dry shop-vac to the drain and suck it out for a minute or so. If you collect a lot of water and its very dirty you may have unclogged the line, causing the water to get backed up. This resolves air conditioning water leaks most of the time. Most likely you can continue to run the HVAC unit and monitor the problem. Call for service if it continues to improperly drain.


Air Conditioning Unit Still not working? Text 916-671-5542  One message, no introduction, just your full name, best contact phone number, and property address and I will call you back asap (Typically within a couple of minutes) 


John Doe 


1234 Elm St Sacramento 

Or if you're old school feel free to give us a call  (916)671-5542 for A/C repair in Sacramento and surrounding areas

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I specialize in Air Conditioning repair in the greater Sacramento Area including Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Roseville , Rocklin, and Mather. 

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