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Before Having a New AC Installed You May Want To Get A Second Opinion From A Company That Only Does Repairs

Getting a second opinion before getting a new system or doing a costly repair might just save you a ton of money. Over the years I've found people often are convinced they should replace their unit well before it needs to be. Lets deconstruct a few common reasons given to  replace your system and what might be the counter argument.

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If you are being told any of the following and your BS meter is going off give us a call before getting a new system

Red Flag 1 "Your 20-year-old unit is reaching the end of its lifespan and must be replaced before it fails."

Red Flag 1 response - Don't believe the myth that a 20-year-old HVAC unit must be replaced. With proper maintenance, many units can last much longer. If you encounter any issues, a professional can fix the malfunctioning part and keep your unit running smoothly. The cost of a new system can run well over  $10,000, while even frequent repairs will still cost less in the long run.


Red Flag 2 "Freon production has ceased, and you must replace your R-22/Freon unit."

Red Flag 2 response - While it's true that new Freon production has ceased, this is only a concern if your unit has a leak. Many units can last for over 40 years without leaking, so don't jump to conclusions just because your unit is old.


Red Flag 3 "Your A/C has a Freon leak, is over 10 years old, and requires more Freon every year. The leak is slow and expensive to fix, so you should replace the system."

Red Flag 3 response - Unfortunately, with the cessation of Freon production, repairing a Freon leak has become more difficult. In cases of small leaks, a replacement refrigerant like Nu-22 and a sealant may be an option, but in many cases, replacing the equipment may be the best option.


Red Flag 4 "Your heat exchanger is corroding, and it could leak Carbon Monoxide and harm your family."

Red Flag 4 response - This statement is a scare tactic. While some rust on the heat exchanger is normal, what truly matters is the amount of Carbon Monoxide released into the living space. Get a quality carbon monoxide detector with a digital readout, and don't panic unless it detects high levels of CO in your home.


Red Flag 5 "Your old unit is inefficient and must be replaced to save money on monthly bills."

Red Flag 5 response - While a new, more efficient system may lower your monthly bills, there are several ways to reduce your energy costs without breaking the bank on a new system. Consider reducing usage by wearing warm clothing in the winter and using fans in the summer, investing in a smart thermostat, installing a whole house fan, an attic fan, and getting a regular tune-up for your current system.


While it may seem logical to upgrade to a newer system for the potential reduction in utility bills, in many cases it may not be necessary. I personally have not replaced my 40-year-old unit as the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." still holds true.

If you are in need of service or repair please call  916-671-5542

Before calling for A/C Repair if you live in Sacramento and surrounding areas Check out our page on what to do when you're  air conditioner stops blowing air. 

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