DIY A/C Maintenance-Air Conditioning Service You Can Do 


Before turning on your Air Conditioner, here are a few do it your self maintenance tasks you should do. It's best to do this in the spring on a warm day before you need your A/C. This way if there are any problems you can call a technician before the busiest time of year (June-August):

  1. Change your air filter and make sure all registers in the house are open.

  2. Change your thermostat batteries.

  3. With the unit turned off, spray  off the condensing  coil with water. Remember the A/C is designed to run in the rain so dont worry about getting motors wet. 

  4. Turn on the air conditioner and go to the outside unit. You should hear the compressor motor and see the condenser fan motor spinning. Some thermostats will have a built-in time delay usually 5 minutes max.

  5. After the air conditioner has been running for about five minutes the thicker of the two refrigerant lines leaving the condensing unit should start to get cold (feel the metal copper pipe  not the insulated part). If not cold after 5 minutes it may be low on refrigerant, if freezing you may have an air flow restriction (call for service)

  6. Locate where the condensation water drains which will typically be from a PVC pipe near the condensing unit (about one foot off the ground). After the A/C is running for an hour or so it should start to produce water. Using a wet/dry shop-vac suck out the drain line at the end where it comes out for a  minute to prevent the unit from clogging up.

That's it, hopefully everything went smoothly. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns (916)671-5542.

If you're being told you need a new system by another company check out our page on getting a second opinion and red flags to watch out for. 

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