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Thanks for the Cherry Tree, you made my day

Every once in a while I have a customer that really stands out and reminds me what being a good person looks like in action. This week I got a call from a customer that wanted a second opinion on a broken air conditioner. The newer Amana high efficiency furnace and a/c wasn’t working. It was a bigger house and she also has a 30 year old air conditioner original from when the home was built. So the other company had diagnosed the unit as having multiple problems. When I came out I could only diagnose one problem which was the blower motor had failed. At that time the control board was seemingly working properly. So I ordered the new variable speed motor. Go figure once I installed the new motor it ran for a few minutes and then the control board started to malfunction. It's rare for there to be more than one problem at the same time like this but it does happen. The customer was understanding and told me the other company was seeing similar symptoms so it wasn't a surprise. Intermittent problems are very hard to diagnose btw. So she gets some points for being understanding and patient.

So I picked up the control board and called to let her know I'm coming back. She said she was grabbing lunch and asked me what If I would like some Thai food also. Waaaaaa of course I would love some Thai food. I typically don’t eat breakfast and most days when I'm working in the field I eat my first meal when I get home at 6-8pm. So lunch was a pleasant surprise. After being in business for 11 years now this is the first time anyone has ever ordered me lunch. So major points for that generosity. Lunch was amazing. She set the table and brought me a few options for drinks, more points. And we chatted about traveling, working during C

ovid, gardening, and life in general. Points, points, points. Just when I thought she couldn’t be more generous she offered me a cherry tree that she had in a big pot but wanted to give a permanent home in the ground. Are you kidding me! This was no ordinary cherry tree, it was a cherry tree that has 4 varieties of cherries. So we loaded the tree in the back of my van.

Her name is Meiling and she is a beautiful person. Thank you for everything. You are seriously my favorite customer I have had yet. I see her life has given her as much as she had given. I promise to take care of that cherry tree and every time I look at it I will be reminded of your generosity and inspired to pay it forward.

Anyways got the new a/c working and it's blowing cold again. I also performed maintenance on the older a/c so that should be good for another 5 years or so. On that note If you have an older a/c keep it going as long as possible. The older systems are so much more reliable than the newer air conditioners and so much more affordable to repair.

If you are in need of service or repair please call 916-671-5542

For do it yourself A/C maintenance tips check out this link

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