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Tales from a tech-Sir please don't punch the a/c guy

So this situation happened about 6 years ago. There was a hot summer heat wave in June and the phone was ringing off the hook. It was common for me to work past 8pm as some people were freaking out over the heat. I got a call from a lady who wanted me to go out to her 80yr old mothers house in South Sacramento. The air conditioner suddenly stopped blowing air out of the vents. It was almost 90 in the house and she was having a helluva time with the heat. So I went out there a couple of hours later to check it out. It was 8pm by the time I showed up and grandma was happy to see me. She also had her adult grandson there. He must have been 30yrs old or so. The a/c blower motor in the closet of the house stopped working so I replaced a capacitor. Easy peasy real simple job and then I tested everything out. The grandson never left my side, he was just standing there watching me. Something was off with the guy but I kept working.

I’m getting ready to leave and as I walk out of the front door the Grandson asks me “can you come here real quick” And them BAM! He punches me in the face as hard as he could. His fist of fury came out of nowhere and after working a 14 hr. day it was the last thing I expected. My fight or flight response kicked in and I GTFO of there. I had dropped my tool bag that was keeping my hands occupied which had my phone in it by the front door and ran across the street to some neighbors that were kicking it in the front of the house. By this time it was 9:30pm or so. I asked the neighbors to call the cops and they did. While I waited with them across the street the Perp was just standing in front of the house, staring at me, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The neighbors said he might be off of his meds and this wasn't the first time. Last victim was a lady walking her dog. She also got the same neighborly welcome that I received.

30 minutes pass by and still no Cops. I just wanted to retrieve my tools and get home at this point. The neighbors said the Perp also had the Cops called on him after walking down the street with a loaded rifle. So I kept my distance. I wasn't gonna get my tools on my own. Not without properly armed backup. Best to be patient, I figured. Finally after an hour or so the cops show up. I grab my tool bag and talk to to Police for a minute. They seem to be bothered to be there as if they have other places to be. I get it, there is probably someone getting stabbed and I wasn't even bleeding. I took the punch like a champ. Having an older brother prepared me for that one. So the Cops basically were like, “you good” they spoke with the mother of the perp who didn't live there but had showed up at about the same time. I had never been assaulted before so I just went with it and the cops basically took off. They never asked me if i wanted to press charges and i never did. In a way I’m glad I didn't. The last thing I want is for the perp to have me on his Sh*t list. If I could have gone back in time, I would have asked the cops before they left what would happen if I would have punched one of them in the face as hard as I could. Imagining they would have said then we would take you to jail sir and then i would have gestured for them to do the same to the Perp.

Lesson learned- I ‘m not sure what lesson was learned. I just got punched in the face for doing my job. Maybe a lesson learned is Shit happens and sometimes there's not much you can do about it. Like getting rear ended while you wait for the light to turn green.

I know it can be enraging when the air conditioner stops working but stay calm. Here are some tips on what to check if the a/c stops blowing cold.

If you have any questions or want to set up service please call (916) 671-5542


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