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Wow you made my day- Customer made me a sandwich

I just wanted to take a moment to say my appreciation for every customer that has kept me in business by choosing Sierra Aire out of all of the other HVAC companies in the Sacramento area. Every so often I will have customers surprise me with their generosity. I figured I’d give a few examples of moments that stick out for me that I remember years later.

-Bubbly water thank you! I'd say one in for customers bringing me out water in the summertime when walking on the air conditioner. Whenever I get the bubbly it hits the spot on a 100 degree day. One customer brought me a bowl full of ice and 6 sparkling waters. Thanks for that.

-What an amazing sandwich! In the summer time I often leave the house to start working on air conditioners at 8am and come home around 6pm. Most mornings I skip breakfast and eat my first meal after work. So it's a real treat when a customer offers me food while I'm working. I might get offered lunch a couple times a year so it really stands out. One customer in Sacramento made me this amazing sandwich. It had everything on it , Turkey, Avocado, the ripest tomatoes, and no doubt it was made with love. Even had an apple that was cut up on the side. Thank you so much.

-Sir, would you like a 6 pack for the road? YES, of course! I don't drink on the Job but I’m half German so I think it's in my DNA to enjoy a cold one from time to time. Once or twice a year I’ll have a customer that offers me to try their favorite beer. I'm always pleasantly surprised. I can remember one customer giving me a 6 pack after fixing their a/c. I can remember the brand but I do remember the custom and years later still appreciate your kindness.

Acts of kindness for strangers can be rare. But since they are rare I guess when it does happen it has more of an impact. I think many can agree that it is inspiring when it does happen and then you want to pay it forward to someone else.

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