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What is a negative vs a positive experience with a customer for the technician?

I've been doing HCAC for the past 12 years and for the most part I’ve worked more or less by myself. From answering the phones to doing the service. I’ve set up over 10,000 appointments over that period of time. So let's go over what I think makes a positive customer vs a Negative customer experience from start to finish. A typical Air Conditioner in Sacramento might be where the furnace is up in the attic and the A/C condensing unit is outside on the ground. Let's say it’s a situation where your A/C has stopped working.


Don’t do this-Call for service as soon as the a/c stops without checking anything other than the thermostat controls.

Do this-Change the thermostat batteries, change the air filter if it’s dirty, verify air flow, inspect the outside unit to see what its doing when the thermostat is set to cool, if nothing is happening outside reset the main breaker for the a/c. For a more complete list check out this page After doing this basic check of your equipment then call for service preferably while you are at the house so I can do some basic troubleshooting with you.


Don’t do this-Please don't ramble on about things that aren't relevant to setting up the service. This happens a lot. Imagine it's the first hot wave on a busy Monday morning and I'm returning 50 phone calls. I like the conversation to be less than two minutes total. We can chat more in person. Example- So I just moved from the Bay area where we didn't need a/c. My mom grew up in Arizona where all she had was a swamp cooler. She would have wanted an a/c but my dad was cheap. And on and on and on………..

Do this-Give me the basics in as few words as possible. Example- I live in Rancho Cordova, my a/c was working perfectly yesterday then suddenly stopped. The air is still coming out of the vents but when I go outside the condensing unit won’t come on. I flipped the breaker for the a/c, changed the thermostat batteries, and changed the air filter. Still nothing. The condensing unit outside does make a humming noise like it is trying to come on. The unit is about ten years old and this is the first time I’ve had a problem. Wow, perfect!!!!!! Short and sweet.


Don’t do this-Wait until I arrive to clear the access to the A/C or furnace.

Do this- If the Furnace is in the garage and there are piles of boxes in front, please move the boxes. If the a/c is in the back and it’s a jungle, please clear the immediate area around the a/c. I don’t want to need to do landscaping before I can get started working. BTW If you’re disabled and can’t clear the items then I understand and I’d be more than happy to do it.


Don’t do this- If you want to see what I'm doing that’s fine. I enjoy educating as I work so you understand what's being done. But for example if I'm working in the attic and you are just staring the whole time I'm working without saying anything that's weird. Think of it this way: if someone was just staring at you while you do your job would you like it? There is one group of people that seem to do this and it's so weird and creepy . I’ll bring up some small talk which basically gets ignored and then the staring continues. Then they haggle me on the price that was agreed to after the work is done. This group of people is the worst to work for and I think we all know who I’m talking about. If this describes you then please don’t call I want nothing to do with you.

Do this- My job is pretty solo so I don't mind company while I work and many people are curious about how the repair gets done. I'm more than happy to explain things step by step and to answer any questions. If it's 100 degrees outside on a hot summer day and you offer me water that would be appreciated, bonus points if it's cold . On a hot day I’ll drink about two gallons a day. The majority of my customers are respectful. Thanks for that.


Don’t do this- If you have a problem don’t immediately go posting negative reviews. Call me up first and let me know your concern. I have a simple policy: If you’re not satisfied that I’m not interested in charging you. Whatever you think is a fair resolution I agree immediately!! I’m old school as far as the customer is always right.

Do this- If you like my service please leave me some feedback online. You have no Idea how much it helps. Personally when I give reviews for other businesses I only give positive feedback. If I have a problem with the business I either just move on with my life or bring up my concert with management directly. I believe mother was right, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

If you are in need of service or repair please call 916-671-5542

For do it yourself A/C maintenance tips check out this link


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