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Heater Not Working? Save Money and Time with This DIY Fix for HVAC Systems

After you replace the batteries and the air filter try resetting the power at the main electrical panel. It will be labeled Furnace or A/C if it's an all in one unit. If that doesn’t resolve the problem then try this proven method of getting warm. I learned from my mother who grew up in Minnesota.

This method is not only fast and effective but good for the environment. It's even better for the environment than getting a Tesla or Solar on your roof and easier than ordering a $6 coffee from Starbucks.

Go into your dresser and put on some thick socks, sweat pants, sweatshirt, and a Jacket if it's really cold. If you’re really cold try moving around some. Do 20 push ups and notice the feeling of being cold slipping away. Thankfully we live in an area that rarely drops below freezing so this tried and true method should get the job done! If you are still uncomfortable give me a call. I just repair furnaces so you know you won’t have a salesman in your house trying to get you to spend 20k on a new system.


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