Why YOU are the reason Grandma was taken advantage of. Companies that lie about a/c replacement.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

I often hear complaints that there are companies that will try and take advantage of people trying to sell them new HVAC equipment when a simple a/c repair is all that is needed. Over the years I’ve done countless second opinions where the customer is told by one or even multiple companies to replace their system. More often than not I am able to perform a simple a/c repair within a couple hours and years later the air conditioner is still working great. In many situations people are being lied to and they know it. That’s why they don't trust the technician and call another company/ myself to give another assessment. When it's clear they were being lied to oftentimes they do or say nothing to prevent that company from doing the same thing to others and so the company continues to lie and deceive the public.

Here are the steps I would recommend taking when a company is lying to you.

1-Have them document all of their lies. For example, don't just let them give you a written estimate for a new HVAC system but have them document the reasons why they are coming to that conclusion.

2-Get a second opinion to verify the reason to replace the system. I find it’s best to go over the detailed assessment from the first company with another company.. For example if you called me on the phone I could tell you if I am hearing any red flags and if air conditioning repair seems likely.

3-Call the original company and talk to the highest level of management you can. We don’t want this technician to suffer and die but to correct their actions. Give the company two options (1) Get a detailed one star review across all platforms Identifying the company, technician, and management by name or (2) they can give a refund the evaluation fee by their company and the second opinion company. As well identify the steps the company will take to make sure this employee never does this to another customer.

4-If you think you have been lied to by a company or technician let me know. Oftentimes I will waive my evaluation fee and will gladly give you an over the phone assessment for any red flags. I only do air conditioning repairs so I have zero conflict of interest when it comes to replacing equipment.


For do it yourself A/C maintenance tips check out this link


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