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Why Most Portable A/C units SUCK!!!!

I’m talking about those portable a/c units that have wheels on the bottom and vent out of a window with a single flexible tube. They do a decent job of cooling the immediate room

that they're in but that's about it. One thing to consider with these units is how much they literally suck. If you go to the outside of the house where the a/c is vented to you will feel a lot of warm air blowing. What this means is it's also creating a negative pressure in the room that's being cooled. This negative pressure sucks in hot air in the rest of the house through cracks in windows, doors, outlets, and anywhere else that isn't sealed properly.

What you want is a dual hose portable AC if you go that route. The dual hose setup uses the outside air for intake and exhaust which means the pressure in the room being conditioned is neutral. After doing some research online the dual hose portable ac units are a lot less common. Maybe only one in 10 portable ac units are dual hose. So when you're searching for one online search “Dual Hose Portable AC” and you’ll find plenty of options. Also keep in mind some portable units are also Heat Pumps. A heat pump is able to heat and cool by changing the flow of refrigerant instead of heating with a heating element. Heat pumps are more efficient than heating element heaters.

I know it can be enraging when the furnace or A/C stops working but stay calm. Here are some tips on what to check if the furnace stops blowing warm air.

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