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Intermittent Furnace Problems

Many times when your heater stops working it's an intermittent problem. These issues can be more or less impossible to properly diagnose when I come out. Oftentimes when I set up the appointment the complaint is the heater wont come on or it wont meet the desired temperature. When I come out I will reset the power to the unit and turn up the heat. One in five jobs I go to after resetting the unit everything turns on and runs like normal. In order to properly diagnose the problem I need to be able to duplicate the problem. So to have the most effective visit after setting up the appointment I

recommend resetting the power to the system and trying it again before I come out. If it starts working again then let me know and we might want to hold off on servicing the system. Oftentimes intermittent problems will get worse which makes it easier to diagnose. You can also try going over my do it yourself general service recommendations to see if that resolves the problem. Click the Link Below

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