If you are a (Technician) working for an HVAC company QUIT!

Why are you not working for yourself? You have no excuse not to, it just takes time and attention. Maybe you are a good servant but you need to become your own Master. You are good at doing what others tell you to do but you need to get good at telling yourself what to do. If you

are interested in becoming a contractor and doing your own thing below I have a few tips for you.

1-Learn-Work for another HVAC company and get as much experience as possible. You will most likely start as an installer. Get EPA certified asap so you can handle refrigerants. Learn at every opportunity and when you have an understanding of a particular task learn something else. Request to shadow/ help the technicians and learn their job. Make sure management knows if they don't let you shadow a tech that you will look at jobs elsewhere. If you have a good work ethic and you’re pleasant to work with, the ball will be in your court. Forget school, this education pays you!

2-Start A Business- Immediately start your own Air Conditioning business on the side. You need 4 years experience to get a contractors license but you can get a handyman license with no experience. This will allow you to do AC repair jobs up to $500 which means doing the simple, quick, and easy jobs which will be best at the beginning anyways. Don't worry about what to do wit

h all of the business you will get because nobody will know who you are for at least the first year or so. But you want to get started early so you can build up a customer base which will take a minimum of a couple years and get established online. It will take some time to get from the 50th page of the internet to the first 5 pages of the internet. Get a Google, Facebook, and Yelp business Listing. Start by doing work for friends and family and make sure they know where to find you if they’d like to give you feedback online.

3-Network- Over the next 4 years, meet as many other small HVAC company owners and get their info. When it's slow take them out/ bring them lunch. Find out who is smart and willing to offer you advice and guidance. When they are super busy, offer to go to jobs that they turn down. No doubt most contractors drink beer so bringing a 24 pack at least once a month with a handwritten note thanking them for the opportunity will be appreciated. Good HVAC contractors will always have more work than they can handle when it gets busy and this will be one of the easiest ways to get more customers. Also you will need other more experienced contractors in the future to help you when you get stuck.

4-Build a solid morning/ weekly routine that touches on all of your bases. I’ve created a basic template for establishing a routine and time management plan. You most likely are not used to being your own master and the faster you get good at planning and executing the more successful you will be. https://www.sierraaire.com/becoming-your-own-master

5-After you are making twice as much working for yourself as working for a company QUIT. I’m not a fan of having employees and there is nothing wrong with working by yourself. If you answer your own calls you will learn how to select the jobs you want and that will save you a lot of time. Focus on having the best tools that allow you to do your job as efficiently as possible. This industry will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. There are many details I am leaving out but as long as you are doing one small task every day to advance yourself you got this!!!!!