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  Below is a rough draft of a template I am working on to help stay balanced and organized without becoming stagnant. It's worked really well for me and my personality and I'm wondering if it could help others in the pursuit of being productive and effective in whatever you are doing in life. Thanks for reading 


         You can be a good Servant to a worthy Master, you can be your own Master, or you can be a Slave to your emotions. I've developed a very simple plan to follow for gaining control over your life and becoming your own Master.

This process is designed to be a tool for developing a Morning Routine and a process for organizing how you get things done in your life. My current Morning Routine as of 9-15-21 Is 5hrs long. I've been implementing this process for the past year and it's changed my life in many ways. My mind is clearer, I'm able to deal with stress better, I'm in better shape than when I was at 21, my relationships are stronger, and I am more productive. If you take the time to go over this system I've developed I appreciate and feedback for what you like/ don't like or questions. If you read over (A) Its a pretty detailed overview and (B) (C) (D) & (E) are templates to help get started.


If you or anyone you know could benefit from a solid structure for a Morning Routine and method for organizing all of life's tasks I'd be more that happy to help develop a personalized plan. Just shoot me a text at (916)671-5542 and mention the Morning/ Daily Routine & Planning System.


(A) Morning/Daily Routine & Planning System

(B) Morning Routine Template

(C) Master Plan Template

(D) Brainstorming Template

(E) Someday Maybe Plan Template

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